CARD is governed by a 7 member board known as the Board of Directors composed of dedicated individual volunteers of diverse professional backgrounds to ensure diversity and professionalism in its operations. The organisation actively and effectively engages the service of the board in providing policy direction and financial management oversight responsibility to the general operations of the secretariat and programs implementation. Profiles of some of the directors include:


Raymond Okrofu Ategbi
Raymond is a Coordinating Officer of the General Agricultural Workers’ Union of Ghana Trades Union Congress (GAWU of GTUC). GAWU is one of the 17 national affiliates of the Main trade union centre GTUC in Ghana.

As a coordinating officer in GAWU, he has been instrumental in the organisation of small farmers, advocacy on topical agricultural and trade issues and also in development of community investment programs. In his current capacity, Raymond works on a number of projects which are aimed at empowering rural informal economy workers building community capacity for enhanced livelihoods. He has significant knowledge and experience in Management for Development Results (MfDR) Results, Participatory Planning Processes, Appraisal of Interventions, Networking, Logical framework Analysis and Setting up Monitoring & Evaluation Systems.


He is a member of the steering committee of Ghana's Civil Society Platform monitoring the implementation of the millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Ghana.
He has a postgraduate diploma in Organisation Development from the University of Cape Coast/Organisation Capacity Improvement Consultants (UK). He is at the final stages of an MA in Organisation Development from the same university, holds a Bachelors Degree in agricultural Sciences from the University of Cape Coast. He is a strong nationalist and is a committed development professional. He has been actively involved in community activities using project cycle management and participatory development approaches.


For the success of the work of CARD, Raymond brings on board the following field expertise:

  • Organization Development and Change Management Processes
  • Establishing of Community resource management Areas (CREMA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Socio Economic Impact Assessment
  • Community Based Resource Management (CBNRM) Processes.
  • Community Group Development.
  • Gender
  • HIV & AIDS  


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